A small How-To Guide for COMPLT. Plan & Track. A live document we’ll add to as new functionality and use cases are published. If you can’t find what you’re looking, use the support form below and we’ll get back to you pronto.


Browse Content

Plan & Track provides many ways to browse your tool kits contents.

You can browse individual or multiple subjects at one time. Activating any of the check boxes will add those cards to the main workspace.

If you’ve Selected cards, they will stay selected when adding more Subjects, Saved or Curated by COMPLT decks.

To reset all cards and selections:

Click “Uncheck All” at the bottom of the check box list.

This will clear all selected cards and load a fresh workspace of random cards to start a fresh.

View Discussion Points & Activity Instructions

Click on a card and the card will enlarge. Open cards are shown centered on the screen. All other cards are greyed-out.

The discussion points or activity instructions related to the card is displayed first.

Scroll between the front or back of the card by using the arrows on the side of the card.

Keyword Search

Keyword search will clear currently selected cards and display any cards containing the specified keyword.

Content searched includes:
All Subjects, Topics, Discussion Points, Activities and Instructions.

Powerful considering all the content in the Tool Kit.

Selecting Cards

The heart located in the top right hand side of cards can be clicked to activate the card for saving.

By default the heart is a grey outline indicating it is unselected/inactive.

Clicking the heart selects the card and the heart changes to a solid pink colour.

As cards are selected the “Save Selected Cards” count increases by 1.

Clicking a heart toggles it’s state. An active heart becomes inactive and an inactive heart becomes active.

This heart also appears when viewing Discussion Points & Activity Instructions.

Creating Saved Decks

Select cards related to a particular focus.

To save, click on the Save Selected Cards button in the top right corner.

Enter a name for your deck or choose to overwrite an existing deck.

These decks form your own private collection of decks, perfect for re-use and quick starts.

Advanced Saved Decks

Add cards containing a keywords to a Saved Deck.

  1. Start by performing the keyword search
  2. Select All or Individual cards you’re interested in by activating the Heart
  3. Check the box next to the Saved Deck you want to add the cards too
    – Displayed will be all cards selected from the keyword results and the Saved Deck chosen.
  4. Click “Save Selected Cards”
  5. Choose the Saved Deck you want to add cards to from the drop down list

Use a “Curated by COMPLT.” deck as a base for your own Saved Deck.

  1. Start by clearing any checked boxes
  2. Select the “Curated by COMPLT.” deck you want to use as a base
  3. Unselect any cards irrelevant to your focus from the Curated by COMPLT. deck
  4. When satisfied with the selection Click Save Selected Cards
  5. Enter a Name for your new Deck and click Save

Tip – you can select multiple “Curated by COMPLT.”, Saved Decks or combination to begin then follow the same steps.

Use a “Curated by COMPLT.” deck as a base with a keyword to create you own Saved Deck.

  1. Start by performing the keyword search
  2. Select All or Individual cards you’re interested in by activating the Heart
  3. Check the box next to the Curated by COMPLT. deck you want to use as a base
    – Both Keywords Selected Cards & the Curated by COMPLT. cards will be shown together
  4. Click Save Selected Cards
  5. Enter a Name for your new Deck and click Save
View More Cards Per Row

When using different devices you may wish to see more or less cards per row.

Select the number you’re comfortable with by using the drop-down list located on the top right of the page.

Note – When you’ve selected cards immediately after logon or “Uncheck All”. These cards will stay selected but may not be visible after changing the number of cards per row.  This as been logged in our known issues and will addressed in a future release.

Change Your Name, Email or Password

Change your password by clicking the arrow next to your name in the top right corner of the page.

Passwords must use a mix of Upper and Lower Case, Alpha, Numeric and Special Characters such as [email protected]#$%.

You can change your name and email address through the same top right  menu under My Profile.

Keep Notes

Ability to add notes to cards in your Saved Decks.

Perfect for taking notes during a workshop or planning session, collecting insights and documenting next actions.

Sort Cards

Sort cards alphabetically by Subject or Selected/Unselected.

Improving the ease in which to find ‘that’ card or assess the scope of topics covered

Delete Decks

We all make mistakes and at the moment you can’t remove Saved Deck.

We’re adding some simple house keeping functionality. Let’s keep our lists tidy 🙂

Online Only

We will be offering people the ability to sign up to the service for an ‘online only’ version.  Great for remote or distributed teams.



We’re in the midst of planning our next development sprint.


  • Drag & Drop for custom card ordering
  • Create your own custom cards (private to your account)
  • Search and style notes

Let us know if YOU have something in mind!


Curated by COMPLT.

Decks have been developed with cards from the COMPLT. Product Development & Service Design Tool Kit.

Created to save time by providing suggested cards for various common scenarios. Integrate into your new initiative, creative workshop, planning session, team collaboration or solo endeavours.

As with everything we do, we encourage feedback.

Let us know which decks work for you, suggest your own or tell us about a scenario we’ve missed.

Thanks – Your Team COMPLT.

User Exploration

A collection of 30 cards for when you need to get to know users.

Ready for you to customise. Use this as a base, remove or include cards.

It’s a rock solid collection of topics and techniques for getting to know new and existing users.

Decision Making

We aim to make everything a little easier and quicker for you.

Decision Making provides a number of cards with techniques, steps and considerations. Helping you build consensus and understanding among your team.


An exciting deck of 58 cards including 8 activities covering anything research related. From case studies to competitors, pricing to experience, opinions to user journeys.

A one-stop research shop, ready to customize to your needs.

Business Factors

Not always considered when creating products and services which can be a mistake.

Gather a cross-functional team and incorporate relevant cards to your session or workshop.

Business Factors is also very useful for Solopreneurs or small teams starting out.


If you’re about to create a prototype for new ideas, user feedback or an experiment this deck is a great place to start.

Use as a checklist or select cards you find most compelling and get started with your team workshop. Now!

Prototype Validation

You’ve created a prototype. Now its time to validate your insights, hypotheses and assumptions.

A validated prototype will provide a worthy way forward. Cards cover gathering insights from users, testing assumptions, conducting interviews and more… Use this deck for developing experiments too.

Check out our article about Adding Experimentation to Product Development!


Skewed toward a marketing, these cards are focused on preparing for a successful launch.

From budgets to deadlines, press and positioning. 48 cards create a strong foundation.

Consider looking into the Launch deck which might have appropriate topics too.


Executing your planned launch.

23 Cards trigger the key ingredients from industry events, community engagement, social intelligence and marketing analytics – it’s time to execute.

Use as a checklist, topics to address or items to track. Add your own personal selection to round out this fundamental list.

Starting Out

Whether thinking about a start-up, exploring a new initiative or tasked with developing a new service.

The Starting Out deck provides 34 cards concentrating on fundamentals. The beginning of exploration and planning.

This deck provides a good base to assess if you have the basics to continue.


Planning a workshop to take your product/service to the next level?

The Growth deck provides marketing, community, product and business topics to consider. All related to discovering growth opportunities for your offering.

An excellent mix of cards to tweak your offering for better results or introduce something to ‘go big’.

Ongoing Considerations

A ‘Mega Deck’ of 89 cards, this deck is designed for use in everyday activities.

Designed to integrate into continuous improvement programs. It will help with planning roadmaps and keeping on top of delivering value to users.

Continuously improving products and services for your community and supporters.

Manage Wisely

Developing products and services is always smooth sailing, right? That is to be debated but this deck is full of cards we think you should ‘manage wisely’.

Cards range from feedback to public relations, profitability to pricing. You’ll need to add cards for your needs but this is a great start and will minimise possible mistakes.

Product & Service Elements

We’ve split Product & Service cards into 2 decks.

This deck is the specific elements which make up a product or service. Such as colour palette, gestures, user interaction, packaging, differentiators.. etc.

Address these cards in your workshop to develop concepts that make up the product or service.

Product & Service General

A general Products & Services collection. Includes such topics as maintenance, system status, walk-through, support, prototypes and many more. A collection of 57 cards for you to add to, remove or use as is.


When you’re gathering the team for a planning session, kick off or workshop. These decks provide a selection of activities to engage your team.

Each deck has 5-9 activities helping to find the right activity for your team and scenario.

Curated Activity decks include:

  • Starting out
  • Research
  • User Focused
  • Decision Making
  • Reimagining
  • Business Factors
  • Resolving Problems


  • Small grammatical errors in both Account Notification and Password Reset emails
  • After you enter your new password during Forgot Password process you’re redirected to login again,  this logon shouldn’t be required
  • When changing the number of “Cards Per Row” after selecting some cards immediately after logon or ‘Uncheck All’,  cards stay selected but may not be visible
  • Unable to use special characters (@#$&) in Saved Deck titles

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